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Sanderson Accu-Strings are made to be the finest bass strings available for your piano. Specially patented and never mass-produced, each string is individually wound to exacting measurements to produce the finest possible sound. Sanderson Accu-Strings are made with Roslau polished steel cores and wrapped with Degen copper from Germany, and our scalings are derived from measurements taken from your piano to ensure that your instrument will sound its best. Sanderson Accu-Strings can be found on the finest pianos from living rooms to the Smithsonian and concert stages around the world. To order a set of Sanderson Accu-Strings, or to answer some of your questions, please visit our FAQ's or send us an email.

Measuring Your Piano for Accu-Strings

Accu-Strings are manufactured based on measurements taken from your piano, it is essential we get accurate measurements. Below are the data sheets we use, and are available for download in .PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. If you do not have this already, you can obtain it free by visiting Adobe's Website. The data sheets will take a moment to download, so please be patient.

Bass string data sheet   Plain wire data sheet

Once you have downloaded and printed these forms, simply fill them in by measuring the indicated values from your piano.

A special note about filling in data sheets: Please use metric measurements and gauges (in millimeters) whenever possible. It is more convenient, and will provide quicker service to you.

Ordering and Pricing

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