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Sanderson Accu-Strings

Ordering and pricing information

To order a complete set of Sanderson Accu-Strings, scaled for your piano, along with a plain wire scale, please download the data sheets here. Once you have downloaded the forms and filled them in, you can send them to us.

Sanderson Piano Services, Inc.
71 Birch Drive
Concord, MA 01742

NOTE: Rescaling may require conversion in the tenor bridge from plain wire trichords to wound bichords. If you desire these conversions, please let us know.

Individual string orders

To order individual replacement strings, please send the broken string(s) to the address listed above. In most cases, we are unable to reproduce strings based simply on manufacturer, model and string number. Individual strings will be made to match the broken string, and will not be rescaled.

Pricing Information

Complete Sets
$12.00 per string
$100.00 rescaling fee
$40.00 S&H and Insurance
Individual Strings
$20.00 Single wound
$22.00 Double wound
S&H: Current USPS Priority Mail + $1.00.

Prices subject to change in line with our cost.

Payment Method

Payment is expected prior to shipping. Please include a check with your order. Use the above price chart to calculate your cost. We will call you if the cost is different.

All strings are shipped via USPS priority mail with tracking.

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