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We provide short and long term storage for your piano in our heated building. When we pick up your piano we will inspect the condition of you instrument and fill out a form with you regarding the condition of your piano. We ask for the first month's payment at the time your piano goes into storage. We suggest our storage customers arrange for monthly payments to be made to "Sanderson Piano" via their local bank or credit union "Bill Payer" service. Call for our rates.


We have years of experience moving pianos and the owner is present on every move. We are fully insured and we use the best and safest equipment available. We have a solid reputation for being careful to protect everything! Your piano, your home and your floors.

We can also help people who need to arrange a long distance move. We partner with a reliable company that does long distance moving. We make these arrangements for you, we pick up the piano and arrange the sending it off, all at a surprisingly low cost. When the piano arrives at its city of destination, a local piano mover will call you and make the arrangements for its delivery. It's that simple. This has worked extremely well for those who have used this service.

For any move, here is the Information we'll need to provide you with an estimate for a move.

  1. The two locations, the "from" and the "to" and the distance between them?
  2. The number of stairs at each location?
  3. The type of piano? Is it an upright or a grand? For uprights, we want the height from floor to lid? For grands, we'd like the length of the piano from the tail end, over the lid, to the edge of the keybed.
  4. Are there any turns where you foresee there might be some maneuvering difficulty?

Piano Removal

It is sad to think that some pianos actually get beyond their feasibility to be repaired, but this is becoming increasingly so. Finding a new home can be difficult to impossible sometimes. If you cannot find a new home for your unwanted piano, give us a call. We can help. For a fee we'll arrange for the safe removal of your piano. Call us if you need this service and we'll give you a quote.

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