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Accu-Strings Modified metric tapes

To more accurately measure string lengths, Sanderson's offers two modified metric tapes.

Bass Measure Tapes

These custom tapes are fitted with a loop calibrated to zero that fit over the hitchpin. This tape will make it much easier to measure your bass strings and will guarantee accuracy. Bass measure tapes are available for $18.00 (US).

Plain Wire Measure Tapes

This is a custom tape with a special tab placed 3 to 4 centimeters up on top of the tape. This tape makes it more convenient to measure your plain strings. Plain wire tapes are available for $5.00 (US). To order one or both of these tapes, please call, email, or FAX 978-486-0650. Shipping and handling via USPS $5.50 (US) for one or both.

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