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In our disposable society, why would you bother to restore an old piano when a new piano can be purchased for about the same amount of money? New is not always better. Many people do not understand that a restored piano far surpasses many of the new ones. Each piano is carefully and individually restored unlike assembly lined newer factory pianos. The harps and cabinets are better on vintage pianos and often have a more interesting design. Modern pianos are often constructed with particleboard and soft mahogany epoxy. Newer pianos with German sounding names are often poorly constructed in China, have a limited life expectancy and do not hold their value. However, not all vintage pianos are worth restoring. We can help you determine if your piano's structure is solid and whether it is worth your investment.

Sanderson piano restorations come with a five year labor and parts warranty and may contain the following services: a beautiful hand rubbed lacquer finish applied to the cabinet, replated hardware, new or refinished sound board, replacement decals, regild harp, new Sanderson Accu-Strings with optimum scaling, new pinblock, new action (shanks, flanges and hammers), new or ironed key bushings, new keybed felts, new damper felts, new damper guide rail bushings, meticulously regulated action parts, voiced hammers, new or repaired keytops.

Soundboard: The soundboard is the heart of the instrument. At Sanderson Piano, we evaluate the soundboard, ribs, and bridges to make sure they are solid and secure. For minor cracks we warm the soundboard and shim the crack with a piece of spruce. If we determine that the soundboard has too many cracks and the bridges have lost their stability we will recommend a new soundboard for your piano. We will hand select your soundboard to the type of wood, grain and consistency of the original soundboard.

Action: In most cases, heavily worn, action parts that have been used beyond repair are replaced with the Renner action parts. Renner is a German based company that has been manufacturing a superior product since 1882.


Pictures are worth one thousand words. Please take a moment to view photographs of some of our work. Refinishing the piano takes six to eight weeks. We use the highest-grade nitro-cellulous lacquer which gives your piano a gorgeous finish that will last for decades. The process starts with the piano being stripped of all previous finish. The piano is sanded smooth and pore filled and the stained with our custom house blended stain. The stain can be applied in any color that you desire. After applying the finish we sanding, and hand-rub with steel wool.

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